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Small post

This is a fairly small post, considering most of the icons involved me playing with a lot of variations and the like. Lots of aerti and what I've come to call aercloti. And, of course, some Firefly and Twilight Princess tossed in for fun along with my obligatory, single Rinoa icon. I just noticed I've been pumping out one of her along with my last, two posts.

Anyways, comments are love and credit is appreciated. ♥

Final Fantasy VII: Old School
- 3 aercloti (variations)
- 6 aerti (4 variations, 2 variations)

Misc - Twilight Princess, Firefly, FFVIII
- 3 Zelda (2 variations)
- 1 Zelda/Midna
- 2 River Tam
- 1 Rinoa Heartilly

Aerith/Tifa is totally canon.Collapse )

TOTAL: 16 icons
galactic fairy
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'nother post~

I was going to hold up, but I think I've got a decent batch here to post. Again, multiple variations and stuff. Be forewarned~!

Final Fantasy VII Complication
- 5 Aerith Gainsborough (Crisis Core; 2 variations, 3 variations)
- 2 Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Picture thingies; 2 variations)
- 1 Cloud Strife (Crisis Core)
- 5 Tifa Lockhart (Advent Children; 2 variations, Memorial Picture thingy 2 variations)

total: 13 icons

- 3 Midna *SPOILERS, lol* (Twilight Princess; 3 variations)
- 1 Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)
- 1 Ashe (Final Fantasy XII)
- 1 Peach + Mario (Smash Bros Brawl)
- 2 Saber (Fate/Stay Night)

total: 7 icons

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