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Icon Post; 30 icons

Not the biggest post ever, but, hey, 30 icons is kind of big for me! Especially since my computer/internetz access is pretty limited. You might be able to tell that I was on kind of an Aerith kick this time. XD Comments are amazing and earn you a place in heaven. Don't so much care about credit, though it's always nice.

Final Fantasy VII
1-12 Aerith Gainsborough
13 + 14 Cloud/Aerith set
15-16 Cloud/Aerith
17 Aerith/Tifa
18-22 Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy XII
23-24 Ashe

Shadow Hearts
25 Yuri/Alice

Devil May Cry 3
26-27 Dante Sparda

28-30 Kahlen Rondot

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Total: 30 icons
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Kind of a big one for me!

I'm honestly not sure I'm as pleased with this set as I was with the last couple, but there are a few icons in here that I'm pretty proud of. This is pretty much a post of icons that I made to experiment with new techniques and try out some methods I've always wanted to try. Lots and lots of Firefly, too. Rather, I should probably be more specific and say lots and lots of River.

Anyway, as usual, comments are love and credit is appreciated but not required (credit leaute if you'd like to, though!). ♥

-River x14
-River & Simon x3
-Inara x2

Shadow Hearts
-Alice & Karin
-Alice x2


Final Fantasy VII: AC

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New batch!

Most of these are the result of me finally learning how to color black and white images. And my newfound love for Alice Elliot of Shadow Hearts. Eheh. As always, credit and comments are appreciated but not necessary. If you do credit, t'would be awesome if you'd credit my regular journal (leaute). Thanks! I hope you enjoy.

1-2: Advent Children (2 Tifa)
3-11: Kingdom Hearts Manga (1 Leon, 5 Aerith, 1 Leon/Aerith, 1 Aerith & Sora, 1 Naminé)
12-16: Shadow Hearts (1 Yuri/Alice, 4 Alice)

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♥ and thanks to _notable for the coloring tutorial.