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more iconses

9 Firefly
River Tam
8 Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cameron, Cameron/John
3 Summer Glau
CariDee, Analeigh, Samantha (Cycle 11), Sheena
6 Guilty Gear
Aerith Gainsborough
Cameron, Summer Glau

As always comments and credits are very much appreciated but not required~

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Another sort of large post!

9 Orihime

8 River

Final Fantasy VII
5 Aerith
3 Sephiroth
3 Tifa

Legend of the Dragoon
2 Shana
1 Dart/Shana
3 Miranda
1 Meru
1 Dart + Shana + Rose

5 Enchanted
1 Rurouni Kenshin
3 Death Note + Silent Hill for theladyfeylene

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total icons: 45 icons

Comments are love, credit is optional. ♥ and join if you like what you see~
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Batch 357437548

An icon post! Not too happy with this one, but. Meh. Credit is appreciated by not required. Comments aren't required either, but they're my anti-drug. So. Plz? :D

Heroes - 16
1 Peter & Hiro
4 Nathan & Peter
1 Parkman & Nathan & Peter
1 Hiro
6 Nathan
1 Niki
1 Claire
1 Elle

Firefly/Serenity - 12
12 River Tam

Misc - 14
1 Ovelia & Agrias (FFT)
1 Tifa Lockhart (FFVII)
8 Aerith Gainsborough (FFVII)
4 Michaiah (Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn)

Presents for sing_song_girl - 5 (shareable)
1 Maetel (Galaxy Express 999999999999)
1 Utena (SKU)
1 Anthy (SKU)
1 HRG (Heroes)
1 llamas~

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Lots and lots of icons!

Final Fantasy VII
4 Aerith Gainsborough
2 Cloud/Aerith
6 Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy Tactics
2 Geomancer Job Class
1 Dancer Job Class

Final Fantasy XII
1 Ashe

Resident Evil 4
1 Ada Wong
1 Ada/Leon
1 Ashley Graham

Silent Hill 3
2 Heather Mason (THANK YOU, V. I cannot call you hitoshira/shura. OMG I was just there, and I forget how to spell it.)

Guilty Gear
1 Dizzy

Record of Lodoss War
2 Deedlit (variations)

2 Peter Petrelli
1 Peter & Claire
2 Peter & Nathan
2 Niki Sanders
4 Nathan Petrelli
3 Nathan & Claire

8 River Tam
1 River, Simon, & Kaylee
1 Inara Serra

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Total: 48 Icons
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Final Fantasy VII
1-5 Aerith Gainsborough
6 Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy X, X-2
1-4 Yuna

Final Fantasy IV
1-3 Rydia
4 Rosa

1-8 River Tam

Sailor Moon
1 Sailor Saturn
2 Sailor Moon

1-2 Hayden Panettierre (sp?)


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Lots of icons, yay.
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Small post

This is a fairly small post, considering most of the icons involved me playing with a lot of variations and the like. Lots of aerti and what I've come to call aercloti. And, of course, some Firefly and Twilight Princess tossed in for fun along with my obligatory, single Rinoa icon. I just noticed I've been pumping out one of her along with my last, two posts.

Anyways, comments are love and credit is appreciated. ♥

Final Fantasy VII: Old School
- 3 aercloti (variations)
- 6 aerti (4 variations, 2 variations)

Misc - Twilight Princess, Firefly, FFVIII
- 3 Zelda (2 variations)
- 1 Zelda/Midna
- 2 River Tam
- 1 Rinoa Heartilly

Aerith/Tifa is totally canon.Collapse )

TOTAL: 16 icons
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20 icons ~ Firefly, Fate/Stay Night

Managed to collect a decent amount of icons to finally make a post again. Again, lots of River Tam and Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night. In fact this post is pretty exclusive to River, Gil, and Saber icons. I've found that I tend to just icon my favorite characters over and over again. Someday, someday I will branch out!

11 River Tam

Fate/Stay Night
4 Gilgamesh
1 Saber
4 Gilgamesh/Saber

I'm the bone of my sword, lolCollapse )

Total: 20 icons

*Note that 12 in the first set is not an error. There was no number 12. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it to, well, not be there and have no "LOL NO MORE ICON HERE" icon to make it look less like a mistake. Ah well.