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'nother post~

I was going to hold up, but I think I've got a decent batch here to post. Again, multiple variations and stuff. Be forewarned~!

Final Fantasy VII Complication
- 5 Aerith Gainsborough (Crisis Core; 2 variations, 3 variations)
- 2 Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Picture thingies; 2 variations)
- 1 Cloud Strife (Crisis Core)
- 5 Tifa Lockhart (Advent Children; 2 variations, Memorial Picture thingy 2 variations)

total: 13 icons

- 3 Midna *SPOILERS, lol* (Twilight Princess; 3 variations)
- 1 Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)
- 1 Ashe (Final Fantasy XII)
- 1 Peach + Mario (Smash Bros Brawl)
- 2 Saber (Fate/Stay Night)

total: 7 icons

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Icon Post; 30 icons

Not the biggest post ever, but, hey, 30 icons is kind of big for me! Especially since my computer/internetz access is pretty limited. You might be able to tell that I was on kind of an Aerith kick this time. XD Comments are amazing and earn you a place in heaven. Don't so much care about credit, though it's always nice.

Final Fantasy VII
1-12 Aerith Gainsborough
13 + 14 Cloud/Aerith set
15-16 Cloud/Aerith
17 Aerith/Tifa
18-22 Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy XII
23-24 Ashe

Shadow Hearts
25 Yuri/Alice

Devil May Cry 3
26-27 Dante Sparda

28-30 Kahlen Rondot

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Total: 30 icons
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lol iconz

New batch finally! Lots of FFXII and a decent amount of Firefly, though I should warn everyone that a good portion of the FFXII icons come from the ending footage. No spoilers, really, unless you don't want Penelo's new look spoiled for you, but I thought a warning would be warranted considering a lot of people don't like to even see shots of characters' faces from the end.

6 - Ashe
1 - Basch/Ashe
1 - Penelo
1 - Rasler
5 - River
1 - Simon/River
1 - Mal/Inara
1 - L (Death Note)
1 - Aerith Gainsborough (Crisis Core)

18 icons
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