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Night Rainbow Icons

mangetsu niji ga kakaru

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This is tifaheart and leaute's little icon journal. This is basically just for me since I can be pretty unorganized and have an archive for all my avatars. Here are a few rules for my icon journal, not that anyone is going to want to take my icons or actually look here at a regular basis, but if you do then I suppose you should be aware of teh rules.

please note...

  1. NO hotlinking a.k.a. direct linking. In other words, don't copy and paste the url of any avatar or color bar or whatever I make and link it on your LJ or forum. If you want the avatar, please save it to your own space and then upload it. Thank you.
  2. ANYONE CAN TAKE OUR ICONS if you so happen to mysteriously like an icon we make you can take it whatever. I don't care about credit, yes credit it appreciated but not necessary just don't claim them as your own since we do work very hard on all our icons. ^^
  3. If you consider crediting us, you can just put "by tifaheart", "tessith", depending on who made the icon, or "nightrainbow icons" for general. We usually make it pretty clear who made the icon, even on our site so make sure you note that as well.
  4. Don't take the icon and delete text from it and use the already fixed base as your own base..just..please, don't. If you need help with an icon I'd be more than glad to help out instead.
  5. If you do take an icon, commenting is very much appreciated. ^^

That's pretty much it. I'm not too strict on rules cause...well, it's the internet, even if I posted 10000000000 rules people would still take them and do, whatever. XD

make your requests here only.

Request are 100% welcome! If you just so happen to stop by our journal and want me (tifaheart), tess to make an icon for you, PLEASE be my guest and ask. If it's a series or something I'm unfamiliar with, it might take longer. But it's something I'm familiar with you should get the icon within a couple days depending on how busy I am with school. If you specifically want me or maeve to make it, please note that in your request. Otherwise, one of us will make it depending who gets to it first.

make affiliate requests here only.

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Have an icon journal? Want to affiliate with me for some reason? XD then just ask, and I'll add your link!

*Anyone is welcome to friend us as well. ^.^



other stuff...
other communities/sites tifaheart + leaute manage/own.

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