Jeryline Bascombe (guardian_of_key) wrote in _night_ooc,
Jeryline Bascombe

To its_constantine, _fuckadoodledo and _dark_magic

April (Mina) and myself (Jerry) where thinking about heading back to the library. Why ? Well a few reasons actually.

First - I think Jeryline would now that she’s learned about the other demon being in town. She’ll think there’s a connection between Collector and him so she want to do some sleuthing which would mean going back to where she saw Collector last, the library.

Second - We have an idea about finding the remains left there. Val isn’t going to be quite in the condition he was left in and only a few people have found Rowan anyway so that would be interesting to stumble upon, especially since I believe Constantine and Shaun met him and Val yet don’t know either is dead.

Third - The library does hold information about the town but since so much death has happened there, no one has really had the chance to look around.

How do you guys feel about this idea ? If you’d rather not go to the library, then that’s totally cool, it is just a suggestion.

But if you’re up for it and have anything ideas you’d like to bring then we could plot something for all of us. Either way, please comment what you think.

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