Collector (_the_collector) wrote in _night_ooc,

To person who plays: spook_detective

Glad you decided to join the recent thread I just started, it should be interesting to see what our characters do. I just figured I should give you a heads up that the house Collector is describing is the famous white house from this thread here: Link

Since neither of your characters where in that thread chances you might not have read it so you might not be aware of how it's been described. Here are some notes to help you out:

-it's a two story house, there are rooms. Downstairs consists of a living room, hallway, study (Description), small bathroom(Description), a kitchen (Description), a dinning room and a rec-room. The upstairs consists of four bedrooms and a large bathroom.

-There are singular bloody hand prints still in the dinning room and the rec-room that were placed there by Jeryline.

-The backyard has zombies in it. One dead and a few who were alive and struggling to get through the fence when people were last in the house.

-Julia's bloody corspe is in the study. Description of body can found here(Link)

Obviously 207 posts is a lot and I don't except you to read or know them but I just did this so you would basically know what the house looks like because my plan is to have Collector go through the house and discover what had happened there or some of what had happened there I should say. If you're not interested that's cool, just figured I should give you a heads up.

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