Christie "Chris" Anderson (social_insanity) wrote in _night_ooc,
Christie "Chris" Anderson

Well, this is just peachy.

I've been alerted that a few people are angered by my lack of posting in the past week or so. I would just like to let you know that I am very annoyed by the void of compassion that is showed by said people. I do have a real life and real life obligations, much like most of you I would assume. It so happens that I work at a high school in the beginning of the school year, which occurred when I went back to Florida, is the busiest time for me. I have to catch up with old students and make time in my schedule for a whole new group. It's a hard transition and it takes a little time. I am I think ready to start giving more attention to the group but I know for a fact that it has been made clear, by my good friend Izzy, to a few of you that I am still here just busy. I don't know about all of you but in my life obligations like my work come first and games and fun things come second. Please don't be childish about these things and let me do what I need to in order to keep my job and real life in order. I have given permission to the ones in the scenes in which I can be auto-ed to do so in order to not hold that scene up. And in my understanding of the rules you have three weeks of no activity or notice of what you are doing when you are gone before any administrative action is to be taken. Like I said before this is my real life and my job and I take that more seriously than I do any game no matter how much fun I have in it which I do in this one. Now if all goes well I shall have caught up on my posts by tomorrow in the mean time give me some leeway as I don't believe I have actually done anything that is against the rules.

To all who this does not pertain to I do apologize for putting it in here but I didn't know of any other real way of making my point.

Thank you.
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