Peter Sullivan (_soul_drifter) wrote in _night_ooc,
Peter Sullivan

The church Thread

Uh..okay. I just read Azazel's post on the church and it sounds like you're trying to possess Mary. What the hell ? That's not the plan that I remember hearing from the people playing Anezka and John though email.
My understanding was that Azazel is going to possess Anezka. That's why I wrote about the shadows and ghost so that Mary could have a way out because she (the player) has other plans...plans which involve a plot going on with my character Val in the park and Library. That's where we are right now, Val just grabbed her and they are heading to the library to do shit.

I know for a fact Mary's player is not planning anything you because we have been emailing and developing a plot that has no mention of Azazel, we're planning on dealing with the Collector.

Also according to the rules:

"1: If you want to kill a character please mention it in the OOC journal, nights_ooc first. We want you to kill characters but we'd like to keep the Cannon hero's alive longer, and if you want to kill an original character, it'd be best to let the mod's and that character's player know first, see if the mods agree and then kill them. All original characters will die, so if you're playing one you should realize you have no choice and just have fun with it." - Taken from Killing rules post in _haunted_night

Possession fits under killing, doesn't it ? Since the character would have no free will after.

Now if that's not what you're trying to do, then I have no problem but if you are trying to possess her, then there's a problem. Because A) She has to be aware that you're doing this, like you have to let her know that. B) We already developed a plot that includes an non-possessed Mary that's already in motion if you hadn't noticed in the other threads, like this one (link) and you possessing her would fuck it up royally. You should have mention to the player of Mary before that you wanted to do this if that was the case so that we could have worked with it but now it's too late.

Could you please clarify what you're doing ?
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