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The mall

Donna this is in response to your question about the mall threads.

Answer: Yes, there is a separate thread at the mall for Brigitte, Ginger and Skinner.
However this DOES NOT mean that the original thread is closed. The original thread with Bateman, Norman, Ferriman, Christie, Zelda and Sarah is still open and will stay open till those characters in that thread leave it.

Now why is there two threads in the mall ? Well for one thing the threads take place in two different locations of the mall because the two groups of characters approached and entered the mall at two different points which is shown in the below image.

Image hosted by

The blue arrow represents Sarah and Zelda
The green arrow = Norman and Patrick
The purple arrow = Ferriman and Christie
The red arrow = Ginger, Brigitte and Skinner.

The first group entered in the same area (marked with an X) while the second group entered in another area (marked with an O) so logically the two groups are separate at the moment.

My second reason for having a separate thread is that right now everyone in the first thread are waiting for the people playing Norman and Christie to return so I figured having Brigitte, Ginger and Skinner run into that group would have just caused problems and have been confusing since two people can't reply to all these characters coming into their thread.

Finally my third reason is that there are things I personally there are things I want to do with my character Brigitte (ie- find monkshood) before meeting up with any of the others, which would be delayed in waiting in the other thread.

That being said, that does not mean that characters in the original mall thread or characters outside the mall are not welcome into the 2nd mall thread with Brigitte, Ginger and Skinner. Other characters are most certainly welcomed to join us.

Any questions / concerns/ discussion / problems ? Please let me know.
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