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Apparently people are confused as to were other characters have gone since the thread title: "Outside Briar cliff 2" closed.

Alright I am going to to list the locations of all the characters to MY understanding after re-reading the posts. Also I have labeled the map so that you have a visual of where everyone is to. If there are any problems PLEASE comment or email either myself or Jake and we will try to help to the best that we can.

The Mall
The following characters at the mall are:

Patrick Bateman - cyanideofsanity

Jack Ferriman - ferriman_

Norman Bates - mothers_boy

Christie Anderson -social_insanity

Zelda Knightly - _lucid_dreams

Sarah Bailey - _sara_bailey

The Hospital
The following characters in the hospital are:

Willard Stiles - _willard_rat

Mary Reilly - _spelled_asleep

Peter Sullivan - _soul_drifter

The bar: Nightsounds
The following characters in the bar are:

Warlock - _dark_magic

Freddy Kruger -freddy_k

Nancy Downs -_wicked_witch

Charlie McGee - _outinto_fire

Ashly 'Ash' J. Williams -ashly_jwilliams

Shaun - _fuckadoodledo

Tobias Freedburg - _so_dead

Anezka Miroslav - not_the_ccp

The suburbs: The little house thread

Annabelle Hayworth - nevermore_light

Johnny Hayworth - are_you_angry

Valentine McKee - valentine_mckee

Entering the town and heading toward the mall
The following characters enter in the town and heading toward the mall now are:

Brigitte Fitzgerald - night_cross

Ginger Friztgerald - ginger_hs_snapd

Rodney Skinner - _skinner

Raven's Hollow
The following characters are in Raven's hollow:

Candyman - 5x_at_a_mirror

The Collector -_the_collector

Dr. Sebastain Caine -dr_caine

Jason Voorhees - stinkyvoorhees Not active

Pinhead - uopeneditwecame Not active

Azazel - shifting_shadow Not active

Through the Woods/To the Suburbs thread
The following people in the woods and heading to the suburbs are:

Mina Harker - _lady_midnight

Jeryline Bascombe - guardian_of_key

Outside Briar Cliff Manor: On the Road thread

Harry D'Amour - spook_detective

In transition
The following characters are not involved in an active thread AT THE MOMENT:

Alice -spintherevolver Last post location: outside of Briar Cliff manor.

Rain Ocampo - _blow_me Last post location: On the road leading from Briar Cliff and into town.

John Constantine - its_constantine Last post loaction: On the road, very close to town.

Tiffany __sweetface Last post location: Leaving Raven's hollow and walking into town. Not Active.

Rowan Doyle - serve_n_protect Last post location: On the road heading into the suburbs.

Julia Chapman - _off_the_edge Last post location: On the road, heading into the suburbs.

Alright, did I miss anyone ? Did I make a mistake ? If so inform me and tell me where exactly your character is to.

For those who want a visual aid, click the cut.
I made a colour chart with each ACTIVE characters name and have given each character a colour.

Image hosted by

After you have found you character and what colour dot they are, look at the map to find where they are to.

Image hosted by

Finally if there is a mistake with the map that you can PROVE using references from the posts that you made in either your current or last thread please let me know and I will gladly make changes to this map.

Further more if you are confused and have questions PLEASE either email me at or Jake at or finally post your concerns on _night_ooc
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