December 28th, 2005



Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone's having a good one. Well guys it's been five months that this game has been active. First, I'd like to say thanks to all of the players for keeping it going this long. I'm pretty impressed because, to be honest, Steph and I always harbored the fear that it wouldn't go beyond two months, let alone five. So pat yourselves on the back for that!

Now (here it comes) while we're happy with how things are going, we are a little concerned that posting has become a little slack for everyone (us included. I'm pretty guilty of this shit too). Personally, I blame the holidays. It's a busy time, everyone's got a shit load to do and it's hard to get into the mindset to write.
However, we want to know who is still around and still interested in the game.

If you can (we'd really appreciate it) post a comment to say "Hey I'm still here and wanting to play" or if you're no longer interested say, "I'm leaving, screw you!" Just let us know. Steph and I want to see if we can get things jump-started again and to do that, we need to know who is still interested.

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