October 14th, 2005


To the people in the white house thread

Alright, Steph and I were wondering : "Do people feel this thread is after getting too long ?"

Frankly, I don't have problem with it because it's kinda been subdivided now into mini threads with the way the posts have contracted but I don't have a problem closing it and having a new one started up either. How do you guys feel ? Would you rather leave it open or close it and start a new one ?

Please comment and let us know what you think.
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Watching carefully

To Patrick and Norman

Uh, do you guys mind if Julia comes into the room with you guys ? I don't want to interrupt anything you guys have planned but I would like to get her out of the bathroom. However if you rather if Julia didn't join you then that's fine too, I have no problems if you guys have sometime planned.
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What time is it in Fair Haven ?

Well, after reviewing the current, opened threads it seems a little varied. Yet, since a few people have been asking, Jake and I tried to come up with an estimate. We picture it being somewhere between Midnight to 3am, though it really depends on the thread. Some threads are a little behind others so they would be closer to midnight (maybe even a little earlier) while some of the faster moving threads would be closer to 3am.

We are hoping that we soon start heading toward day two so the sun should be rising in the next while. Please note the sun is NOT rising yet. We will announce on _night_ooc when the sun is rising as well as the weather conditions for the day but we want to have the threads roughly on the same time frame again before that happens.

If people have any major objections to this estimate, please tell us.
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