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To let you all know... [03 Oct 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This post is on behalf of myself and the lovely Ash (player). For the purposes of this post and to avoid confusion we will refere to her by her full first name of Ashley.

I'm writing this to let you know that, after speaking with Jake who then corresponded with Steph and gave us the okay, I will be relinquishing control of the character of Ash to Ashley (here is where it could be confusing). The reasoning behind this is as follows.

1. I haven't been really doing much with Ash lately which makes me a little sad and makes Ashley perturbed.

2. She is obsessed, wait more like OBSESSED with the Evil Dead Movies and especially the character of Ash. I personally think she might be able to do him more justice than I can.

3. I didn't know she would be playing in this game when I first took the character and having an Ash was something I wanted to see so I applied to be him. Since then like I stated before I know she could do better than I.

4. She plays Ash in two other RPs and does wonderfully from what I know.

To keep things simple nothing shall change since she is already in the game and knows where the character is and what is going on with him. I will be giving her the journal pass and she will be changing it so the only person to use Ash will be her. She is keeping the same journal so no worries there.

Anything I missed? Questions or Concerns on this feel free to ask me or Ashley.

why won't they die ?

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