September 25th, 2005

I'm so sorry, guys.

A lot has come up in the short time I've been a member of Haunted Night, including some real life things that are going to make posting semi-regularly extremely difficult, and (and I don't mean to step on toes or cause needless drama; I really am a nice girl) since it was one of my good friends Kate who introduced me to the community so that our characters could have a chance to interact, I can't easily stay as Katie (the character) and remain loyal to her. I hope this doesn't make anybody upset with me, as I really did enjoy playing with all of you lovely writers.
Wild Bill

To Julia and Harry

Where are we gonna take our trio to next or will we be spilting up ? Personally I'm up for sticking together and maybe hitting the town but what about you guys ? And if you wanted to stick together, where did you wanna go ?
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To Mina

I was wondering if you would consider an idea I had about you and Norman if you could IM me on AIM my SN is SongForEvilTimes or Message me on MSN at or just reply here and I'll tell you of my idea.
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And it has come to this....

So as an OC I feel my time as Anabelle is coming to an end, and as the villian I am currently in a thread with does not wish to kill me I hearby state that Anabelle Hayworth is up for grabs!

Freddy, Collector, other villians I can't think of right now cause I have other posts to do....I see a quick kill here, no need to drag her pathetic anger-filled life out any longer than need be hmmmm? I gonna have her leave the library to go run willy-nilly in her human stupidity, so who needs some violence in their lives right now ?

Also on a side note I'd like to send out a welcome to _rain_ocampo and not_that_nice! Great to have ye on the game!

Anyways, so long fucktards!
--love Rita