September 19th, 2005


New OC's

As some may know, Jake had an earlier post(Link) about weather reports and allowing new original characters into the game. Based upon the response we received we've decided to allow new OC's to enter the game. However, we have decided that at the moment we are only going to accept OC's from people who are currently players in the game. Why ?

1= We already know you guys can write and that you know what already has happened in the game and how it works, so we don't have to worry about explaining it to and monitering new people, if we just keep it within the current players we have.

2= A lot of you (we assuming here) want OC's so that there can be more deaths in the game or so that they can serve a purpose in developing the game, which is the ulitmate purpose of the OC's. So we feel it's better to have current players bring in OC's for that purpose rather than non players do so.

Some of you have already sent in applications and those of you who want to but haven't done so already, you can go ahead and email the applications to either myself or Jake. Hopefully in the next while there will be a new batch of OC's to be slaugthered.

Questions / Concerns / Problems ? Comment or email the mod's.