September 6th, 2005


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Oh Charlie, the poor girl doesn't know what to do with Johnny, or her powers for that matter...*shakes head*
Actually I was wondering if Johnny had anything specific in mind for the interaction between the two, like is there anything you'd like to see Charlie do ? Or do you just want her to leave Johnny alone with her bullshit ? ;)
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Both: I quit

I would like opinions on this post, so comment please

Alright Steph and I have been debating back and forth two subjects and we would like to hear your opinions.

First is, giving descriptions of the weather in Fair Haven and alerting people to when the sun shall be rising and setting in Fair Haven by posting about it on _night_ooc. Would people like us to do this ? Here is an example of what we would post :

"Day two in Fair Haven: Cloudy with brief periods of rain, low winds."


"The sun has risen/ set at this point in the game".

And as we move on through the days we'd continue that. Steph and I figure that it might be a good way to give people a sense of the atmosphere of the place and also to keep it consistent in the game rather than having a few people saying it's sunny and other's saying that it's raining, you know, that kinda shit.

Second, accepting new characters. Right now we have a lot of Cannon characters in the game so we're not accepting anymore applications for cannon characters for a while. However, we are thinking about still accepting original characters because then there will be people to kill without having to take out the Cannon characters. What are your opinions on this ? Do people want more OC's ? Or do you feel that the game is too crowded for that right now ?
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