September 5th, 2005


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To: stinkyvoorhees a.k.a uopeneditwecame

The last time we hear from you was August 11, in this post here (link) on _night_ooc
which was three weeks ago and there has been no sign of your characters on _haunted_night or you on _night_ooc

If you do not re-appear in the next three days your characters will be removed from the community.

Edit: Day one: Sept 5
Day Two: Sept 6
Day Three: Sept 7

Alright, the characters of Jason and Pinhead will be re-opened.
uopeneditwecame and stinkyvoorhees will be removed from the community since the player is no longer here and if they do happen to come back, don't bother arguing against this decision because it is final. You had three weeks and then three days to get a hold of us and you didn't.