August 27th, 2005

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Christian, I think it'd be really funny if ,when you post as Freddy, you responded by saying you were a friend of Mina's late husband or something like that.
If you don't that's cool, it's just a suggestion :)
GS1: Together forever


Alright we have a huge problem here. Gabriel should NOT be in town yet Why ? Because Seth and Richie left first and they are not in town so how can Gabriel be in town ? Second, look at the fucking map :

Image hosted by

It would take a while for Gabriel to get into town after just leaving the house and it is not fair that he should be there before Seth and Richie Gecko or Epps, Sam and Katie who all left before hand.
And also do not say you flew because you clearly say that your wing is hurt in the following quotes from the Briar Cliff Manor thread Here

"The first thing that Gabriel noted was an intense pain in his left wing."

"Gabriel stood up straight and he ignored the pain in his back from a wing damaged".

"His wing was still broken."

So Gabriel ultimately you CANNOT be there. You could have joined up with the Gecko brother's thread easily which would have been logical since they were ahead of you. This thread that you started has to be deleted because it is NOT fair to the other players who posted before you.

Now for Ash, you should have had the decency to post in the BAR THREAD that you were leaving so that the other characters in that thread could react to your leaving. It didn't have to be long, it could have been simple as it was for Anezka but something should have been posted in the bar thread first. Then you could have at least met up with Alice in a logical mindset.

Now Alice, while it's nice to see that you posted, you apparently forgot all about Rain who your character is with and you and Ash should have done your own thread which Gabriel could have EVENTUALLY met up with.

To summarize, Gabriel is NOT in town and if Alice and Ash want to meet up they will have to first have Ash post in the bar and then start a new Ash and Alice thread.

What you did with this thread was not fair to the other players, nor is it logical in the mindset of the game, and is going to be deleted.
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