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Haunted Night OOC -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Haunted Night OOC

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[20 Aug 2005|06:28pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Hey all, it's Donna here, just letting everyone know that as well as playing cannon characters Nancy (a.k.a _wicked_witch , Sarah (a.k.a _sara_bailey and my OC Julia (a.k.a _off_the_edge I am now the resident seamstresses/ murderer, May Canady from the movie May.

6 deaths| why won't they die ?

It's 10:44, do you know where your children are? [20 Aug 2005|10:42pm]
Hey Steph, I'm on if yer around---or anyone else for that matter.
Saw yer post for Jeryline and will now update. I gather we want to keep it in the same thread for now...? I can change the subject line...
20 deaths| why won't they die ?

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