July 31st, 2005

A request

I wanted to have Tiffany stalking someone she comes across in the town. No killing yet she just wants to follow someone so that she can show herself to them when the time is right. If anyone wants to help me out with this plan it will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Yet another curious question

I assume most of us are playing our favorite character or characters from horror movies. Well, I'd like to know why you wanted to play that character, like why is this specific character your favorite and don't just say "oh they're from my favorite horror movie" because there has got to be more to it than that.

Of course this is just for curiosities sake and besides I like the conversations that get started here. ^_^

Oh and my reasons for playing:
1- Nancy a.k.a _wicked_witch: I found her descent into madness that was caused by her addiction to magic to be an interesting take on the witchcraft horror movie genre (of like what, 10 witch movies ?). I wanted to play her in this game because I thought she would be different from the usual villain because she is still pretty human and young which leads her to be childish and vilnerable at times. Also I don't see her as someone who just goes around killing people (despite how non-chalant I made her seem in the threads ^_^), she has a twisted sense of justice. She usually goes after people she thinks deserve it for either real or imagined offences.

2-Sarah a.k.a _sara_bailey : I wanted to play Sarah for two reasons. First, I figured since I was planing to play Nancy anyway it would be nice to have Sarah as well so I could play with that dynamic relationship they have as former friends who became enemies. Second, She has a stronger will than Nancy in that in the end she was able to pull herself together to deal with her powers while Nancy just fell apart.
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