July 28th, 2005

New Characters

'Ello all! Your Shaun here, also known as the real Ash. I have decided to finally give in to temptation and will be playing two new characters. I'll be taking on the task of the homicidal doll known as Tiffany __sweetface. If anyone would be Chucky I would be ecstatic! But anyway I hope to have tons of fun playing another one of my favourite characters.

Also I will be taking on an Original Character who is a little different than most of the Original Characters you have seen thus far. Christie "Chris" Anderson social_insanity She's an unstable aspiring actress from Manny-Hanny (Manhattan). I think you will like her as I assume I will enjoy playing her.

Thanks all

And P.S. in the thread with me, Ash (the character), Tobias, Anezka, and Charlie I think we are waiting for Charlie to post but if you want Charlie I can go ahead and make a post in the mean time.
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Reply to spook_detective's question

spook_detective asked this question:
"Could someone clarify how and when non-playing characters enter the scene."

And because my response was so long and I thought it might be good if the other players were aware of this as well, I decided to make my answer in a post. Here it is:

Actually it depends. If your character is in a location where logically you would expect to run the risk of running into a NPC character (for example: Grave yard, forest, and Cedar lake especially, especially at night) then the players do not need the mod to tell them that they are being attacked. They can decide in those areas whether they want to deal with the NPC's or not.

Though if a character keeps going in these places and doesn't run into a NPC at least once then the mods will step in and inform the player that they have to deal with _____NPC.

Now in other areas such as the school, hospitable, the many abandoned house, etc. the players will be informed of the attack in the OOC community before hand by either one of the mods. However if you have characters going into one of these building or are going to be near by them and would like to deal with NPC's just post a notice for NPC action on _night_ooc and we'll (Jake and I) will ok it.

The reason why we want you to let us know when you want to deal with NPC'S in the buildings or why we want to have these attacks posted as challenges is because, well, we're assholes.

And also we want make sure that all players are aware of when NPC attacks are taking place in certain buildings just in case there are other characters in the same building/area and the players want to put their characters in, or take them out, of the action.

Clear as mud ? Any problems, questions, concerns, angry rants, or threatening letters please reply.