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Haunted Night OOC -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Haunted Night OOC

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[27 Jul 2005|01:31am]
[ mood | listless ]

Just so you guys know, tomorrow (well...today) morning we leave for L.A. I won't have computer access til Monday and the earliest, most likely later, so riley will be pretty silent for a while.

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[27 Jul 2005|11:42am]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey Kate, a.k.a ginger_hs_snapd I want to move Brigitte out of the thread we are in now. I want to go into town with her but I also wanted to wait until you posted again and I'd like to know if you wanted to go with Brigitte or have the sisters spilt up and go off on their own ? If you can post a comment here and let me know.
Thans ^_^

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NPC's [27 Jul 2005|10:23pm]
Could someone clarify how and when non-playing characters enter the scene.
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[27 Jul 2005|11:10pm]
Hey all... I think I've gotten my (HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!) internet connection squared away, and I'm ready to do some RPing, but for some reason the original thread for villains is not showing up on my friends list... Did it get closed while my connection was being a pain in the ass? Should I just reply to another villain's thread and start fresh?

Let me know so I can finally get kickin! Thanks!!!!

why won't they die ?

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