July 25th, 2005


For the characters in Briar Cliff Manor

Just want to let people know that this thread(link) is officially closed.

If your character is in the now closed thread you can either move to this thread(link) and stay in the atrium to continue your posts. The same goes for those who are still in the other parts of the house and who want to go back into the atrium.


You can start/join a new thread that takes place outside of the house since some of you seemed to be leaving anyways.

For those who have characters who are just waking up in Briar Cliff or are going to in the next day or so, you should go to this thread(link) to wake up.

Why is the thread closed now ? Well, it didn't make sense to have two threads that are occurring in the exact same room and we wanted to save ourselves from further confusion. Also the thread was full of posts from characters who have since moved on so we thought, rather than have the more recent characters who are waking up go through what everyone else has posted and response, it would be better if they woke up on a newer thread. Though that doesn't mean you shouldn't read the now closed thread, if you're just joining the game. Personally I think you should, for if anything it will give you an idea into what the other characters are like or how they are being played.

Frankly I believe all the players should be reading all the threads just so they know what's happening but I think that's been said before, either by me or Steph.

Either way, if anyone has any problems or concerns with anything I've said here, please comment and let me know.
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