July 15th, 2005

Where the Wild Things Are

In your head, zombie...

Your name: Fallen
Little blurb about you: Twenty-one year old English/Education major from the Philadelphia area. I’m the residental werewolf, zombie, ghost, demon, and vampire fan. I was a former Psych/Criminology major before I switched, and have a rather interesting sense of humor, so I feel I can offer a different angle than most horror writers.

OOC journal: fallenhalfelf
E-mail: Fallen_ArchAngels@yahoo.com
AIM: spintherevolver
YIM: Fallen_ArchAngels
LJ: (Alice) spintherevolver; (Azazel) shifting_shadow

Anything else: I'm hoping to keep Alice pretty true to the canon but explore the recent revelations that have come to light in her character that were not expressed in the movie. As for Azazel, well... it's rather fun exploring the darker side of one's nature.
If there's any anyone wants to chat feel free. I can be found hanging around on my AIM screenname.

(no subject)

Hey all... It's the user also known as stinkyvoorhees! I'll be using this journal to RP as PINHEAD from Hellraiser... Before I post as Pinhead, though, I want to find an icon... More specifically, I'd like to MAKE one, possibly animated. As long as I've used livejournal (since 2001 as jayabusa), I've never once known how to make icons. What programs do you guys use to create them, and/or animate them?

I really would prefer to make my own Pinhead icons, and make some new ones for Jason as well, rather than just finding random avatars here or there on the 'net.

Thanks in advance!!!!