July 14th, 2005

GS1: Together forever

For all the characters

I want to know how many people are interested in having their characters do the following :

A- Explore the houses in an attempt to find out more about where they woke up to, like finding all they can about the house they woke up in itself.

or B- Head into town to learn more about Fair Haven and foolishly attempt to find a way out of there ?

Jake and I would like to know what direction people want to go in next, just for ideas about the next threads. Of course if you have your own ideas or want your characters to go off on their own that's great too. We just want to know if people want to do group threads where they could do either choice A or B.

Comments Please XD

Oh p.s April a.k.a _spelled_asleep and I have been having a running conversation the past day or so about the number of female villains there have been in horror movies. We have a few but we wanted to know if anyone knew of any more.