Haunted Night is closed

After talking about it and seeing how inactive the game has become, Steph and myself decided that we're going to close it up. No one seems really interested anymore but hey, that's understandable. This game has gone on a lot longer than either myself or Steph had expected it to (we gave it two months, tops) and it's almost 9 months since it was started. 9 months thanks to everyone who's played it and put so much effort into their characters. So thank you everyone for playing, I know I've enjoying reading what everyone has written and the people I've met here. I hope you guys got some enjoyment out it yourselves.
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I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to post guys and that I've held up the threads at the hospital and park. Schoolwork, it's a bitch but it's after calming down so I will be able to post regularly now. Again, sorry guys :(

Two notices: A new player and the weather

Hey everyone, first I'd like to let you all know that we have a new player come into the game. We have a new Shaun from Shaun of the Dead @bloodyzombies, who will be making his own introduction as soon as he can.

Second, let's talk weather. Okay, some of you may remember the post in _night_ooc concerning the weather and time for day two, which is here for those who'd like a refresher. Well, Steph and I thought we should give you guys an update on the weather and time at Fair Haven at the moment.

At the moment, it is roughly between 11am to 1pm in Fair Haven, depending on your thread. So late morning, early afternoon to be simple. Also the weather is foggy/misty though the rain has slacked off a bit. Brief showers may occur throughout the day, depending on how wet you want your characters to get ^_~
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Raven's hollow crowd

Man, three OOC notes in a row...anyway, guys I'm planning on bringing Freddy to the hospital once the crew reach town, to meet up with May. Now, if you guys are interested in that, you're more than welcome to come with. If ya ain't, well that's cool too. Just thought I should let y'all know ^_^
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To the Raven Hollow peeps:

I just wanted to say that I have no problem with a ramp suddenly appearing outside the manor. The house should be able to change to accomodate the people within afterall, but if others wouldn't like this to happen that's cool as well. What do you guys think?


To: its_constantine, geckos_thief & ferriman_

It has been over three weeks since you last posted (Jan 3) or that we have heard any word from you on _night_ooc, through email, etc. If you are still interesting in playing and would like to keep your characters in the game, please update them by Feb 21st, Tuesday. If you do not, they will be forfeited.

[Edit: It's February 23rd now. These characters are now forfeited. If anyone wants to take them up, auto them or kill them off, comment or let myself and/or Steph know.]
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Raven's Hollow Crew

Hey, I'm thinking we should move this to a new post. We're getting pretty far down on the list and the other threads around us are already closed.

So, does next poster want to start a new thread?
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