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I love me some pie

Name: Sara K
Age: Tomorrow I turn 15
Sex(and do not say "yes please" or you'll get killed):Female
Boyfriend/Girlfriend(if so, provide pic): Nooooooooooo
promote, promote, promote:
Favorite Genre of Music: Heavy metal
Top 10 Bands/Artists:
o2.Theatre of Tragedy
o5.Dimmu Borgir
o6.Cradle of Filth
o7.Green Day
o8.Group X
Favorite Genre of Movie Horror and Comedy
Top 10 Movies:
o2.Nightmare Before Christmas
o4.All the Friday the 13th movies
o5.Without a Paddle
o6.Chuckie movies
o7.The Punisher
o8.Donnie Darko
1o.Music Videos?
Top 3 Books:
o1.Harry potter
o2.Don't read much
o3.Alot of Comic Books
Favorite Drink: Pop (coke)
Favorite Food:Tacos
Favorite Place:Roseville Theatre
Favorite Color:Purple, black, and basicely all neon colors.
Favorite Restaurant:Taco bell and The sign of the beef carver
Favorite Sexual Position(haha):69? hehe
Where did you find us:The lovely Erica
Post a picture of something of your interest here:

Favorite lines of lyrics here: Behind the eyes of my compassion lies a suffering soul.
If you could go out to Dinner with any influential musician (dead or alive) who would it be and why?: Jonathon Davis
Post atleast One pic of yourself (no more than 5)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAim/Yahoo/MSN Name: I have all three. Ask if you would like.


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    Sorry.. I need to promote.

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