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I Love Me Some Pie

I got asked to join this community awhile ago...and yeah ill help ya with the layout because i know the MOD asked me too and ive been to lazy to =]


Name: Katherine..or Kat
Age: 15
Sex(and do not say "yes please" or you'll get killed): Female.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend(if so, provide pic): nope not at the moment.

promote, promote, promote: Here..Here..Here

Favorite Genre of Music: alternative/emo/indie/rock/hxc...uhh whatever mood im in makes me decide
Top 10 Bands/Artists:
o1.the spill canvas
o2. eric clapton
o3.fall out boy
o4. hidden in plain veiw


o6.hawthorne heights
o7. senses fail
o9.N.E.R.D....ha gosta represent.
1o. armor for sleep

Favorite Genre of Movie: comendy

Top 10 Movies:
o1.benny and joon
o2. the pest
o3. lair lair
o4.rat race
o5.american pie
o6.napolian dynomite..reall gangsta movie thurrrr heh jp jp
o8. the lion king 1 and 2...but not 1 and a half that was just bull shit and a waste of $$$$..haha
o9.edward scissor hands
1o. saw

Top 3 Books:
o1. silent to the bone
o2. heaven or hell
o3. of mice and men

Favorite Drink: apple martinis ..and if you cant stand under age drinking ill tell you i drink them without alcohol =]
Favorite Food: spaghetti o's
Favorite Place: any place where im on my jetski..cheesy i know.
Favorite Color: green
Favorite Restaurant: taco bellllllll
Favorite Sexual Position(haha): lmao...anywhere when im on top....?...

Where did you find us: the MOD told me to join

Post a picture of something of your interest here:

 my friend JJ is the funniest kid you'll meet i love chillin with him.

Favorite lines of lyrics here:

Dressed to kill you look so right,
I am drunk with lust tonight
your wounds are opening wide
and they might be just my size
now I'm affraid of open water
but I often bathe in sin
let's be honest you know you shouldn't bother
'cause with me it's impossible to win

     ....>ALEXISONFIRE..hmm wow add tehm to my favorite bands also

If you could go out to Dinner with any influential musician (dead or alive) who would it be and why?: JIM FUCKING MORRIS BECAUSE HES THE SHIT.

Post atleast One pic of yourself (no more than 5)

Aim/Yahoo/MSN Name: AIM- K a t 8  4  3  4

mm enjoy the app.


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