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hey, i love the ataris and i have all of their albums. they're just the best band ever. so yah, i saw this community and thought i should join. i'd love to add all of you to my friends list just cuz any ataris fan is (usually) kool with me. later.

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hi, I'm heather and I just found this community, and since Blue Skies is one of my favorite albums I thought I should join. Uhm. I guess thats all for now! anyone can add me if they want and ill most likely add them back!

Info on the next album from Kris Roe

All in all, I think that So Long astoria was one of the Ataris's weekest attempts.  Just the same, lyrically, Kris Roe can do no wrong.  here's what he says about the next albumb.  ::Fingers crossed::

This new song is really in no way a representation of what our next record is going to sound like, where I am happy with the end product of this song, the reason we used this idea for this soundtrack was simply becasue it was an idea that I liked but I felt would not fit in the big picture of our next record. Lyrically I felt that this song needed to be very simplistic, where I prefer more wordy and encrypted lyrics, There just really wasn't enough room in the song to get that far out there.. it is a reallly straight forward verse/chorus/verse type of song where the record we are currently writing is the exact oppisite. very destructured, dark, spacey with alot of unpredictable breakdowns and so forth... lyrically I cannot go into much detail but I will say that it will be very encrypted, much more hidden meanings in songs that only a very select few will likely inderstand ( lyrical example "fast times at dropout high, unopened letter to the world, My Hotel Year, Eight of Nine... etc) musically it is like nothing we have ever done. this is the album we have been growing towards, defintely the next natural step, I feel we learned alot in the last year. This is album will defintely be in some reaction to that. All in all I feel that I just don't relate to alot of music today, I would really like alot more of the wide array of music that does however inspire me to finally truly shine through on this record. For an example of the million bands and songwriters I speak of look in that post on the front page of our website. I feel that music documents where you are in your life. Each record has little aspects of me at the time that I wrote it, I think that it is ludacris for someone to make a poit such as "Why can't they write more like this record or that record..." I'll tell you why. Because I am 27 and I am not inspired by the same things as I was at those times, I continue moving forward thankfully. I think one of the biggest downfalls to putting music into the world is the lag time unfortunately, my ideas and who I am as a person changes daily but for you, you may still know and relate to something that I was four years ago and so on. Anyways... I would like to get into more details of the music we have been creating and so forth but I feel that I have already said too much, I will however name a few quick sources of comparison/inspiration... Verdena, Snow Patrol, Berlin (the city not the band), Swervedriver, Pedro the lion, Kent, David Bowie-"Hunk Dory" and "Diamond Dogs" a few more old favorites ressurected... Superchunk-"On the Mouth" Bulilt to Spill-"Perfect from now on" Radiohead-"The Bends"... MBV- "Loveless" will always remain a record that will constant re-inspire me in so many different ways as well. The new Good Life album is pretty great as well. I don't know... if you throw all of this togehter you might get some sort of idea where my mind is musically right now but obviously whatever we do we will bastardize in our own sort of way and try to put our own stamp on it, as of now we have ton's of complete music ideas but none of them have lyrics, although I have pages of thoughts and ramblings that I always am wrting down and literally stacks of books to read. it is just a matter of what will work metaphorically within the concept that I have planned for the record, expect a more detailed update on the main page as the days go by. Another quick thing that I might add is that John and I have written a large portion of this record togehter and that it will be very textural with many layers and layers of guitars as well as other insturments, more cello and keys that usual as well, Three guitars seems pretty permanent to me now as well. I think that's it. I always feel like I have way more to say but I guess I'll just wait til I can better collect my thoughts. Things are however all moving along as planned. whihc I feel very happy for. All in all I am Just enjoying life and a much neede break, I hope that you all do the same, until we meet again, your friend, kris roe.


hello all, this community looks a little bit dead, if one of the mods contacts me, i could probably fix it up and promote :) i joined because i love the ataris with a passion. i saw them october 15, 2003 and told kris roe i loved him lol i got a wink so i was happy. anyways, my sn is fireburnsbutiful, i could work with you to make this a "kicking" community lol. i know people that would join, if you want.