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TITLE: A Pleasant Madness
FANDOM: Blood Ties (TV)
CATEGORY: Humor/drama/romance/stuff
SUMMARY: Vicki's not exactly a typical girl. That's okay, though, because Henry's not a typical guy.
CONTINUITY: Some generic time early in the TV series.
DISCLAIMER: The setting and characters belong to Tanya Huff, Lifetime TV, a production company or two, and pretty much anyone who isn't me.
NOTES: This is a present for dragonsinger, in the hopes that it will cheer her up. Thanks to Medie for providing an emergency plot bunny. Unbetaread, due to time constraints, so please let me know if you find any glaring problems.

* * * * *

You're kidding, right? Vicki stared at Henry with dismay.Collapse )

For dragonsinger


medie and I, and more than a few of your friends, wanted to do something special for you. You are a warm and kind person, who is a light in our lives. You've always been there for us, loving and supporting us through everything. Now is our time to be here for you.

This comm is now for you. What's going to happen is that we're going to use this comm to post thoughts, prayers, and gifties for you. If you need a smile, if you start to feel down, then come here and there will be something to make you smile.

Again, we love you. We're here for you. Read and enjoy.

Your Friends

Birthday Blessings to You!

May heaven bless you at every turn,
And grant you strength when the path before is difficult,
And grant you faith when the road drops from under you,
And grant you hope when the wayside is tedious,
And grant you love, with every step you take.

p/s - As we say in the Philippines, Maligayang Bati sa inyong kaarawan! Happy, happy birthday!

I hope you had an awesome weekend away and that your birthday was everything you were hoping it would be!

::Birthday Huggles::

Prezzie, Pt. 2

Title: Telling the Story
Author: Christina A.
Characters: AJ Jackson
Category: Original Character, Birthday Fic
Summary: The story gets told the only way that it can.
Archive: On LJ, here, and at Ink and Quill.
Author's Note: This is the last bit of the bday prezzie for J. *g* It isn't long, but I was surprised that he was the one who decided to talk. Anyway, hon. Happy Birthday! Luv you!

Telling the Story
by Christina A.

He made his living telling stories. His genre of choice was fiction. He told wild tales about outer space and aliens and the safety of the world being threatened by maniacal, egotistical meglomaniacs.

His genre of choice was fiction.

Telling the StoryCollapse )

Jun. 9th, 2006


Here is your pressie:

(and base: in case you don't like my text!)

And I know one icon isn't that hot of a birthday present, so I am offering up my skills and will redesign one of your fanlistings on your to-do list, or if you need more buttons and things on your fanlistings, just let me know which ones and I will make you a bunch! I am at your service. *bows deeply*

happy b-day Azar

Something nostalgic.

It's a bit smaller than 100X100 but it's Live Journal legal.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Azar!! I hope you have a great birthday!!

iconness.. Collapse )

The Sloth and Iguana wish you a ...

Happy... Birthday... toyou.

Happy... Birth... Day... toyou.


Ha! Couldn't stop me from singing to you!! heehee.

Me and the Iguana wish you a wonderful and happy birthday, and many more to come, and all that jazz stuff.

Happy Birthday, Azar!!

I wanted to write you a ficlet, but I've been swamped with work. But I did want to take a moment and wish you the happiest of birthdays. I hope this year is filled with good things for you :)

Since I didn't have time to finish a ficlet, I'll give you a taste of the story I started writing for you a long while ago, but haven't had the inspiration to finish.


Cam wondered exactly when he'd lost control of the situation--he was afraid it corresponded with the moment he'd taken command of SG-1.Collapse )


Maybe if you push me, someday I'll find the energy to actually tell the story of what happens next ::grin::