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~neo japanesque~
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The phrase "neo japanesque" was invented by the band Kaggra,, to describe their own style, of using traditional and modern japanese fashion at the same time.
This is a community for designs influenced by traditional Japan, that have been adapted in some way that makes them more modern. This could be clothes, furniture, anything you like as long as it's influenced by the traditions of Japan. I created this community for sharing pictures and ideas, but I will accept graphics and promotions of other communities as long as they are related to this community.
Just to confirm what I describe as neo japanesque, here are some pictures of what I believe to be the best examples.

Takuya Angel~
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Takuya Angel use kimono fabric and elements of kimono patterns in their designs, but they combine these with flourescent colours and modern fabric (ex:plaid) to create an entirely modern look. In the picture above, Takuya Angel have used plaid for this jacket, but it also has kimono sleeves. This is a perfect example of something "neo japanesque" because it uses both traditional (japanese) and modern fashion together, almost updating traditional japanese fashion, or perhaps trying to keep the memory of it intact whilst still be appropriate for Japan's market now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is an example of a wa-lolita dress. It has a standard lolita style skirt, but with a kimono style top and sleeves.
This is the type of lolita picture that's appropriate for this community, no other lolita style is acceptable here.
The above picture is taken from the MAM website (see links).

Home made kimono~
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The girl on the RIGHT of the picture is wearing a classic example of something neo japanesque. A kimono top, with punky/visual trousers and a Japanese parasol.

Now you have seen what I believe to be neo japanesque, there's no need for you to post irrelevant pictures, unless it's your first post.


#1: Please don't post anything unrelated to this community, it will be deleted without warning.
#2: Please be respectful towards all members. If somebody breaks the rules, report it to me and I'll deal with them.
#3: More than two icons, or any picture over 400x400px MUST be under a cut. If you do not use a cut, you will be given 2 days notice to edit your post before it is deleted.
#4: If you take anything from the community, you MUST credit the person who made it, unless they have given you permission to use their work without crediting them.
#5: Answer the questionnare below in your first post please!

1. Name?
2. Sex?
3. Location?
4. Favourite (Japanese) brands?
5. Do you own anything that could be described as "neo japanesque"?
If yes:
5a. Did you buy or make the described items?
5b. Any pictures? Ordinary pictures of yourself are also welcome!

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