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Nell 5th Album - Slip Away Lyrics Translations

With romanization at side for convenience sake!

The EndingGoIn Days Gone By (Not yet translated) • 그리고, 남겨진 것들 (The Day Before) • Standing In The Rain • Loosing Control (Romanization not yet added) •  Beautiful Stranger (Romanization not yet added)  • Cliff Parade • Hopeless Valentine • Slip Away

Korean: music.daum
Translation: Eduipe@musictology
Romanization: KyungMi@kromanized
Posted and compiled by: nellhome.tumblr.com

27 September 2009 @ 08:43 pm
Hello hello, new mod here...

I've recently translated 연어가 되지 못한 채 from their Let's Take A Walk album recently and posted it here. Yeah :)

If there are any other people who want Nell lyrics translation, I am here :D


17 May 2009 @ 07:12 am
**btw in the military pic of Junghoon, 하동균/Ha Dong Gyun is there too in the first row as well.^^

Full credit to Totchikun @ soompi

Every year since I was 21 years old...Collapse )
10 April 2009 @ 10:52 pm
It only took about four months, but I finally finished translating the Elle Trend Explorer interview 80slitenite posted here.

We do sometimes wonder what would have become of us if we didn't have music. There were hard times and very difficult [tasks]. At those times, if we didn't make music, we could have wandered without end. In that moment, we could rise up again while doing music. Our attitudes toward music changed a lot then. Music keeps me from breaking, so that I won't be damaged as a human being, I think it helps me find meaning in life.

( jump cut here )

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26 February 2009 @ 12:20 am
AH, this took foreverrrrrr ... and a half. T_T.

I tried my hand at translating the IZM interview that 80slitenite posted here, which I thought was an interesting read. (: Better late than never, right? Especially now that Nell have gone away ...

There were rumours you were releasing an album with Tablo?

JW: That's something we've been saying for the past few years. When I get to rest after activities end, there will be a lot of time not only for Nell but also personally. Then I think I'd find the mental composure to do it.

( under the jump )
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