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Storyline of Nell's 그리고 남겨진 것들 (The Day Before) MV

Basically, Lee Minki (the one with the book) has committed suicide by taking poison and has (most probably) filmed it. His friend (portrayed by Song Jaerim), relives it and other conversations they had while viewing it.

The book Lee Minki has in hand is John Berger's 'And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos'.

The book is a key to this puzzle - John Berger writes about the images of the dead living on into present thought. The book is in 2 parts: Time & Space. Minki reads the page before and the poem "A view of the Delft" before he takes the poison. The lyric "I wonder if we are sometimes standing in the same memory, I wonder if sometimes, time has stopped for you too" are also clues. Another quote from the overview: "Those who read or listen to our stories see everything as though through a lens. This lens is the secret of narration, and it is ground anew in every story, ground between the temporal and the timeless... In our brief mortal lives, we are grinders of these lenses". 

(This is my view from what I could infer and from the information I gathered) 

Compiled and written by: nellhome.tumblr.com

Certain information thanks to: chrisvol@YouTube

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Nell 5th Album - Slip Away Lyrics Translations!

Nell 5th Album - Slip Away Lyrics Translations

With romanization at side for convenience sake!

The EndingGoIn Days Gone By (Not yet translated) • 그리고, 남겨진 것들 (The Day Before) • Standing In The Rain • Loosing Control (Romanization not yet added) •  Beautiful Stranger (Romanization not yet added)  • Cliff Parade • Hopeless Valentine • Slip Away

Korean: music.daum
Translation: Eduipe@musictology
Romanization: KyungMi@kromanized
Posted and compiled by: nellhome.tumblr.com

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120202 Nell raises anticipation for their comeback

Rock band Nell has sent a message out to fans about their upcoming comeback.

Nell’s guitarist Lee Jae Kyung left a message titled ‘Start’, on Nell’s official fan café on January 30th.

Lee Jae Kyung revealed his thoughts on their comeback saying, “It’s not starting again, this is the actual start. Us, starting for the first time, the beautiful sounds Nell brings. We hope for your anticipation. I am very anxious for us to meet again… Then, we will all be together.

The band had been on hiatus since 2008 due to the members’ mandatory military service, but they will be making a much awaited comeback after four years in March. Nell is composed of vocalist Kim Jong Wan, guitarist Lee Jae Kyung, bassist Lee Jung Hoon, and drummer Jung Jae Won. They made their debut in 2001 with their album ‘Relflection’ and have continued to receive much love since.

Source & Image: My Daily via Naver (Allkpop)

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120126 Junghoon Twitter Update

@Muse8011: 씨디들 틈바구니속에서 Let it rain 카세트테잎 발견 워크맨 지금도 팔려나

@Muse8011: Discovered a “Let it rain” cassette tape in my CD basket.  I wonder if Walkmans are still sold.

Translation Credits: woollim-ent.tumblr.com
Source: twitter.com/#!/Muse8011

If you have a Tumblr follow that one. Looks like someone is translating their tweets and if you see more twitter translations please post them in this community. :) SO HAPPY.
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120121 Woolim Ent says Nell is "coming soon"

On January 19, Woolim Entertainment announced that indie rock band Nell will break its 4-year hiatus and return with a full-length album around March.

Mentored by Korea’s guitar hero and cultural icon Seo Taeji, Nell is well-known for producing music that blends emotional lyrics, sedative melodies and mellow vocals for an overall, sentimental sound. The group noticeably draws influences from British bands such as Radiohead, Placebo and Muse.

Nell took time off from the music scene when members joined Korea’s mandatory military service after releasing their 6th album, Separation Anxiety.

Grand Mint Festival 2011, which was held in October, marked Nell’s first stage appearance since their break.  The band gave a subsequent performance in November.

Nell also contributed to the OST for the ongoing KBS2 series, Ojakyo Brothers, and on January 9, vocalist Kim Jong-wan appeared as a guest judge for MBC’s Star Audition: The Great Birth.

Source: Nate News, JpopAsia (via hellokpop)

Nell is on the Ojakyo Bros OST and Jongwan appeared on Star Audition?! WHAT?! ALSDKJFALSDJFA;LSJFLASFLKASDJ MUST FIND THESE THINGS NOW!

okay the Nell song on that ost is 마음을 잃다 Aka Losing Heart