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Nell 5th Album - Slip Away Lyrics Translations!

Nell 5th Album - Slip Away Lyrics Translations

With romanization at side for convenience sake!

The EndingGoIn Days Gone By (Not yet translated) • 그리고, 남겨진 것들 (The Day Before) • Standing In The Rain • Loosing Control (Romanization not yet added) •  Beautiful Stranger (Romanization not yet added)  • Cliff Parade • Hopeless Valentine • Slip Away

Korean: music.daum
Translation: Eduipe@musictology
Romanization: KyungMi@kromanized
Posted and compiled by: nellhome.tumblr.com

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[Separation Anxiety] Korean Lyrics

1 Separation Anxiety
2 Moonlight Punch Romance
3 기억을 걷는 시간/Time of Collecting My Memories
4 멀어지다/Drifting Apart
5 Promise Me
6 1:03
7 Fisheye Lens
8 Afterglow
9 Tokyo
10 12 Seconds
11 _

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I couldn't help myself and downloaded the album. No worries though, I'm totally ordering the album on my next paycheck. I've splurged enough this month :/

My faves are Moonlight Punch Romance (should've been the title track IMHO), Tokyo, Fisheye Lens, and Separation Anxiety. 기억을 걷는 시간 is really nice too, just that it builds up a little too late. Overall I'm liking this album ^^
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Let it rain >> lyrics romanization & translations~!

Okay, so I finally got off my ass and did the romanizations & translations for Let it Rain, which I promised to do like... MONTHS ago x_x;;; (SORRY, things have been really busy T_T;; For starters, I don't live in Korea anymore [;_;]... I moved for university and I'm having my first final exams next week AUGH! T___T)

HUGE thanks to sheepmachine for posting the Korean lyrics here~! ^^ It was much easier than flipping through the CD booklets @w@;; (Why the hell do they use such a tiny font?? XD)

Also, thanks to mouseichigo for all her hard work translating many of the songs here ^^

How to Read Korean Romanization
I used the Revised Romanization of Korean, which is currently the "official" romanization system of Korea. But let's be honest: romanizing Korean is a pain in the ass -__-;; There are a lot of sounds in the language that don't exist in English, and an incredible range characters. Anyways, here are a few helpful hints to help you guys read the romanizations easier ^^

i = "ee"
ae = "eh"
eo = "uh"
ui = "ee" (It's a flatter sound than "i," but for all intents and purposes they sound the same XD;)
u = "oo"
oe = "weh"
eu = This is actually an absence of sound; it's very hard to describe x_x; You do not move your lips to form any shape (like "ah" or "ooh"), and you can even clench your teeth to make this sound. Just listen for it...? ^^;

nunmul (tears) = noon-mool
norae (song) = noh-reh
paran (blue) = pah-ran
woeroum (loneliness) = weh-roh-oom
gisaengchung (parasite) = gi-sehng-choong
imi (meaning) = ee-mee

Sometimes, hyphens are necessary in order to romanize a word to differentiate between characters. For example, "장음" and "잔금" can both be romanized as "jangeum." But the first one is "jang-eum" while the second is "jan-geum." There is no regulated rule for when to use a hyphen or not, so I just stuck them where I thought it was necessary ^^;;

Helpful Links
Revised Romanization of Korean at Wikipedia
Korean Romanization Chart (I used this for reference throughout all of this XD)

Translation Notes
Korean is not my first language, but I am more or less fluent. That being said, I still make mistakes, and Jongwan uses lots of fancy words and complex sentences, so please forgive me if I slipped up T_T (And PLEASE let me know, so I can fix it!) Nell's lyrics are all very poetic, and I tried my best to carry that flow of words into the translations. In many cases, I had to change the word order or alter the meaning slightly to have it make more sense. So I hope you don't mind a little artistic liberty ^^; (These are songs after all, I wanted them to sound pretty! XD)



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...Holy crap, this is a big-ass entry XD;;;
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