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Hey ft. Kim Jongwan - Living Next Door To You (Eng ver.)

Korean vers.
Hey (born Kim Hye-Won) is a South Korean singer-songwriter who released her first album in 2001, and then her second in 2003. She had some sporadic recordings in the years to follow, mostly for soundtracks. Last year, she recorded a very intimate EP called Vegetable Love. Her tranquil voice combined with warm, simple melodies give me hope in an age of cold, dance crazed K-pop. The lead singer of Nell (arguably one of the best modern Korean bands today) joins Hey on the English mix of “Living Next Door to You”. Their voices blend wonderfully and make you forget that you’re listening to a sorta sad song.
Source: http://hummingdragons.tumblr.com/post/6967678571/154-hey-living-next-door-to-you-english-ver-feat
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Jongwan wrote a song for BoA!

Here is some of the currently available information:

Track 01. GAME - composed by Jinu (hitchhiker) and lyrics by Kim Bu Min
Track 04. 옆사람 (Stand By) - composed and lyrics by Kim Dong Ryul
Track 05. M.E.P(My Electronic Piano) - composed by kenzie and lyrics by Kim Sung Bae
Track 06. LET ME - composed and lyrics by BoA
Track 07. 한별 - composed and lyrics of Kim Jong Wan (Nell)
Track 09. 하루하루 - composed and lyrics by BoA

Jinu's (hitchhiker) experience includes composing songs such as Brown Eyed Girls' 2009 hit song Abracadabra and Infinite's Come Back Again. He has also collaborated with lyricist Kim Bu Min, composing So Nyeo Shi Dae's Show! Show! Show!, f(x)'s Ice Cream, and SHINee's Electric Heart. Kim Jong Wan is a member of the indie rock band Nell, acting as a guitarist, vocalist, and also playing the keyboard. He has written and composed all of his band's music, with 7 full albums under his belt. He has also written a song for Epik High's 4th album, Remapping the Human Soul, called 행복합니다 (I'm Happy).

Source: BoAjjang.com