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Introduction post

I'm so glad I found this community. You'll probably notice that I'm not the most active lj-er but behind my laptop I'll be biting my nails waiting for news on Nell.
Funny, seems a bit like destiny (if I believed in destiny) that I re-discovered them just in time for their comeback. I picked up "The Trace" on a trip to Korea two summers ago, and a lot of different, precious memories have tied to Part2 since then. By now, I know all the words to that song but somehow, I've never listened to any other album (out of fear of being disappointed? How can any other song come close to the beauty of Part2?). I got a hold of "Let it rain" recently and am completely overwhelmed. *___* No disappointment, just awe.
Originally, I listened - still do - to a lot of underground American rock, punk and even metal bands but my fave bands aren#t very active atm. I got introduced to k-pop, and as much as I love those guys... that's nothing to be passionate about musically. Now that I know Nell, I've got a band that can fill this gap, a band I can pour all my music-starved heart into. ♥
Sorry if this was tl;dr and basically a love letter to Nell.
In short, hi everyone! Nice to meet you
jaewon panty dance

Hey ft. Kim Jongwan - Living Next Door To You (Eng ver.)

Korean vers.
Hey (born Kim Hye-Won) is a South Korean singer-songwriter who released her first album in 2001, and then her second in 2003. She had some sporadic recordings in the years to follow, mostly for soundtracks. Last year, she recorded a very intimate EP called Vegetable Love. Her tranquil voice combined with warm, simple melodies give me hope in an age of cold, dance crazed K-pop. The lead singer of Nell (arguably one of the best modern Korean bands today) joins Hey on the English mix of “Living Next Door to You”. Their voices blend wonderfully and make you forget that you’re listening to a sorta sad song.
Source: http://hummingdragons.tumblr.com/post/6967678571/154-hey-living-next-door-to-you-english-ver-feat
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