80slitenite (80slitenite) wrote in _nell,

Message from Jaekyung from May 09

**btw in the military pic of Junghoon, 하동균/Ha Dong Gyun is there too in the first row as well.^^

Full credit to Totchikun @ soompi

I'm so thrilled.
Every year since I was 21 years old, I've been receiving birthday wishes from you here at the fan cafe.
I think its just great!
There is no way I can be more grateful!

Thank you very much!
No matter how old you are, I hope you will live your life "smoothly" and healthy.
And be happy all the time as if it was your birthday!

I'm still in my twenties.
For all of us born in '80, this is last maximum 29!

Ehhh.. How would I feel when I'll turn 30.

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