October 26th, 2005

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Nell newspaper article~ ^^

I was browsing through a newspaper when the following article jumped out and punched me in the eyeballs XD -->

The headline says: Major Japanese Record Labels "Jjim" Nell.
Jjim (찜) is a Korean slang word that's kind of equivalent to "dibs" in English... Like "I've got dibs on blahblah."

The article is about Nell's recent live in Japan, on October 19th. They played at Tokyo's Asia Music Market, and was the last band to take the stage. They played "Stay," "Thank You," "Words You Can't Trust" (Mideoseon andwel mal), and their performance was "captivating... stunning..." etc.

There were 15 artists at the Asia Music Market, but the article says that Nell showed the most talent (:D). People from several famous major Japanese record labels said, "We've never seen music so moving" and "We expect more performances from them (in Japan) in the future."

After the concert, plans were made for Nell to perform again in the next month with other bands.

...YAY! GO NELL!! :D :D *glee*

(PS: I just gave a summary, but if anyone wants an exact translation, let me know and I'll try and do it ^^;; Newspaper Korean is much harder for me to read/understand x_x)
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