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The birds and the bees....

they aren't just for your health class.

Nature Graphics, Backgrounds, and Icons.
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All Members , Moderated

Who are we and what are we here for?This is a community for sharing pictures,icons,and layouts pertaining to nature.
How do I join? Look up!See the sentence that says "To join this community click here"? Click it! If you click anything else you won't be able to view posts!
Why can't I see the posts?You have to join the community to view new posts, many of them are friends only.
How do I contact a Mod? Email Us! Our email is checked once a week.
Have any other questions? Visit the livejournal FAQ or howto for more information.
Please do not post your questions here.

-All posted graphics should pertain to NATURE. no celebrities, etc.
-Anime and drawings are permitted as long as they pertain to nature.
-All posts MUST be FRIENDS ONLY. (This is to help prevent stealing)
-No inappropriate pictures, tasteful nudity should be placed behind an lj cut and labeled as such.
-No fighting, respect the other members.
-CREDIT &COMMENT! Don't steal other people's stuff, it's not nice.
-If someone says they will take requests, then post yours, otherwise don't post requests.
-Place all LARGE photos behind an lj-cut.
-Have fun!

- Photographers
- Icon makers
- Banner makers
- Layout creators****

We have a few right now but we could always use more!

Copy and paste us into your userinfo!

Color Bars!


Please contact me by our email address if you have any more questions.

Background Photo by:velva