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Announcement: Stop the Akaka Bill

I received this information from M. Kesa who has hosted video for viewing about the Akaka Bill and how it should be stopped:

The web pages with October's edition of "First Friday: Unauthorized News" have finally been posted. If you have not already watched the show on 'Olelo (Honolulu's public-access TV station), please click on the links below to view this very important show and please feel free to pass the links along to 'ohana, friends and all others who support our endeavor. There are a total of seven (7) parts of the one-hour show to view. The links are as follows:

Part 1: http://homepage.mac.com/ke_kuokoa_ff1/iMovieTheater1.html

Part 2: http://homepage.mac.com/ke_kuokoa_ff2/iMovieTheater1.html

Part 3: http://homepage.mac.com/ke_kuokoa_ff3/iMovieTheater1.html

Part 4: http://homepage.mac.com/ke_kuokoa_ff4/iMovieTheater1.html

Part 5: http://homepage.mac.com/ke_kuokoa_ff5/iMovieTheater1.html

Part 6: http://homepage.mac.com/ke_kuokoa_ff6/iMovieTheater1.html

Part 7: http://homepage.mac.com/ke_kuokoa_ff7/iMovieTheater1.html

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