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Native American Community: The Uncensored Native American Community

Native Americans Uncensored

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------->>> Native American Community <<<-----
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Welcome to the Community for and about Native Americans. You do NOT have to be Native American to join! All you need is an interest in Native Americans and/or their culture.

Oldest known pic of Spokan
From http://www.wellpinit.wednet.edu/sal-pictures/picture.php?pictid=../sal-pictures/img0055.txt


1. First and foremost, there is NO censorship here. This includes but is not limited to censoring other members' responses to your post(s) by deleting them. Please do not delete other members' responses to your posts(s) here. [Amended December 30, 2006.]

This community is a home on the Internet for NDNs and other indigenous people of the americas. Share your feelings, thoughts, opinions, and emotions if you'd like. VOICE your opinion.

2. Anything relating to Native Americans is welcome here: Pictures, comments, opinions, and/or posts relating to Native Americans are welcome. Information about events, sales, etc are also welcome.

3. If you are advertising another community, only Native American-related communities are allowed to be posted here. All others will be quickly deleted.

4. You may only post about your community once. (We do not appreciate spam.)

5. If you don't like Native Americans then please don't join.

6. Do not harass other members in their personal Livejournals. If you do... you will be banned from this community.

7. LJ-cuts are appreciated... but not required.


1. For those who are not native american... please remember that this is a safe place for indigenous people to share their thoughts. Some posts may be offensive to you. You may not like what you read. However it is important to keep this community uncensored to see how indigenous people really feel. Also keep in mind that everyone is indigenous to some place. Anyway this community is an uncensored one.

2. You may not like what you read here. However, it is important that native americans NOT be censored.

3. This community celebrates our similarities... and our differences. Some of us are Christians. Some are Buddhists. Some are Jewish. Some of us are "Other." Therefore... we are not the same and some of us do not necessarily believe that we are related.

4. Please do not harass other members.

5. Want to research your roots? Check out the following site for information:

http://www.familysearch.org/: Site maintained by the LDS Church

If you would like... please introduce yourself when you join:

  • Name?

  • Age?

  • Are you Native?

  • If so, what is your affiliation?

  • If not, what brings you here?

  • Your "family ties" are in what areas?

  • Did you grow up on a reservation, homestead, etc.?

  • Do you practice a form or forms of your native culture?

  • Do you speak/understand your native language? If so which one(s)?

  • Your interests and/or anything else you'd like to share?

Join our sister communities:


Check out our memories here:


Some Links:

Search your roots courtesy of the LDS Church
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest
Delaware Tribe of Indians
Seneca Nation of Indians

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
National Museum of the American Indian

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Contact haolegirl at haolegirl@livejournal.com.

Created and maintained by haolegirl who is oiwi (or "Hawaiian" in English.)

Thank you for joining!

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