July 13th, 2017

akira hikikomori

Greenlandic? Inuktitut?

Hey guys, I'm trying to learn Greenlandic / Inuktitut etc but it's pretty difficult when you're on your own, if any of you happen to know one of those related dialects I'd really love someone to help teach me ;_; I'm also learning Chinook Jargon if you want!

Age?: 25
Native?: Like 1/30th and not raised in the culture, LOL!
What brings you here?: Nowadays my "culture" (not eating "white people food" like sugar, white flour and alcohol; making stuff on my own because I'm dirt-poor, etc) actually fits in with native culture pretty well so I've been thinking about it more and more, and I want to learn some native languages...
Family ties?: (birth family) Pacific Northwest (Tacoma, Kettle Falls/Spokane area, California), (married-into family) Sami/Lappland, Sweden, Finland.
Did you grow up on a reservation, homestead, etc.?:

Do you practice a form or forms of your native culture?: I'm not sure what counts. As a kid we sure did a lot of "native" stuff just naturally or in school (ex. eating nettles, making dream-catchers, natives came to read poetry, totem poles were everywhere, I visited salmon festivals and native circuses, in elementary school we read native fairytales...) and nowadays I don't live in North America anymore so stuff that I otherwise would be doing, like eating traditional American foods, I can't because they don't grow here! I don't go hunting or anything (anymore - I did as a kid). But I do stuff like brush my teeth with a licorice root instead of a toothbrush, don't use shampoo, etc, so I think that kinda counts I guess...

Do you speak/understand your native language?: Well I don't know which one I'm supposed to have, hereditarily speaking, but I'm learning Chinook Jargon (=the native language for the entire Pacific Northwest) and have gotten pretty far with it, and I've just started on the "Inuit" language (Greenlandic/Inuktitut etc, they're just dialects of each other) this week. The real problem is I have no conversation partners, and while I do have one for Chinook Jargon they speak an entirely different dialect with a different speling system so I don't understand half of what they say...

Your interests and/or anything else you'd like to share?:

I REALLY want to write textbooks for minority languages so everyone can learn them more easily. So if you do actually speak something, I'd be really glad if you could teach me so I could figure it out and then write a book on it. My general interests are languages, cooking, anime, manga. I live in Sweden but am hoping to move to Japan and Greenland in the future.