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No one has been posting here, but is anyone doing write-ins? The official Nano site is so big, and I have a hard time navigating it.
I was hoping, due to the fact that I am so far behind in my word count, that I could find some people willing to inhabit a coffee shop for several hours and churn out some crap, I mean chapters.

Anyone? I work downtown, and I bring my laptop with me. We could get together tomarrow night, or even tonight would work.

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YAY! Another Distraction!

I'm also glad someone created a Seattle NaNo community, so I have yet another form of LJ procrastination! Hurrah for LJ and the many ways it helps me avoid doing things like dishes and writing.

My name's Tori. I'm 23 and currently working as a waitress at a restaurant in Belltown. I like cheese, pirates, and recently have come to appreciate tofu (but only in some dishes). I'm currently only at 147 words, so really I should be writing that instead of this. Nice to meet you all! Good luck!
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Hi :)

I'm here too. I suppose it's time for me to start. I'm glad that someone created a Seattle based comm. It makes it a little more personal than the other LJ comms.

I'm Renda. I'm 25, married, and mother of two. I'm and English Major and a teacher.