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The Lovable Witch

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This is a new community dedicated to Naminé of Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories. If you are a fan of Naminé, please come join!


If you want to be a part of this community there are a set of guidelines you need to follow.

1. First and foremost, do not join this community just to bash Naminé. Likewise, there will be no Kairi bashing, or bashing of any other character. This is the strictest rule in the community and, if broken, will result in an immediant ban without notice. Just keep it tame folks. Discussions are welcome, just please, no blatant bashing and do not attack another person because of their opinion.

2. Try to keep posts related to Naminé or Kingdom Hearts. This is a pretty lenient community, but I would like to keep the off topic spam to a minimum.

3. Fanart and fanfiction are welcome. If the piece is not yours, please state the author and give a link to the writing or picture rather than directly posting it in the community. Please put large images and writings over 500 words under an lj-cut. This keeps people's friends list from getting cluttered. Anything rated R or above must go under a cut with a warning, regardless of size or length. Feel free to post links to your works rather than putting them under a cut.

4. You are also free to post icons or other graphics! More than 3 icons must go under a cut. Things like headers or friends only banners should also go under a cut. You can also link to a post in your journal if you want.

5. Have fun! (Hey, I needed a number 5!)

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