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Read the fucking rules. For Merlin's bushy, flobberworm infested beard, read the fucking rules. You're driving me batty, each one of you that's cropped up over the last three months or so. There is a lot of shit on the lore site, yes, but that's because everything is fucking spelt out for you, daft git! When your application is being reviewed, it gets moved to pending apps. If we have not replied to you yet, don't fucking double post - we'll just ignore you instead of feeling shitty for not having the time to get to your shitty assed character bio.

Speaking of which, do not repost your application in the application forum when you are too stupid to realise it has been moved to pending applications for further critique. Its in the damn rules, you fucking infidel. Spelt out, literally, in black and white.

When did people get so stupid? Look at this. They're making me abuse sentence fragments.


And why does every character these days have hazel eyes? What happened to blue and brown? Hell, even green! I haven't seen a green eyed character (save for my own) in months! What's with hazel? Beautiful yes, but c'mon people they are rare - rare, rare, rare. The only hazel eyed person I know is my husband. In my whole 23 years of living, he's the only one I know.

Stoppit. Stoppit, stoppit.

Look! More sentence fragments!

You're making me cry.


Completely off topic, I made things pweety. *snuggles faceon*