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• If you are ranting about a certain RPG. Do not name it, do not name whether it's on a livejournal a message board, or whatever. Just rant about what is irking you and leave it at that.

•This is a place to vent, not to abuse. Don't like something? Leave. I don't have time for it.

•If you need to post a snippet of something, change the names to something generic (like mary, or gary XD) and rip it to bits if you must. Again, this community is for ranting about pet peeves without hinderance, it is not however, about shoving people's faces in the dirt before spitting on them.

•Linking to a previous rule...well, this is not so much a rule as just a warning. As stated before we are not naming names, this is a place to vent our feelings on certain topics, not the RPG's themselves, if you feel as though we are targetting your players or game for any reason. You must have a guilty conscience. Deal with it on your own time, do not try and flame us, we will roast you in return with no qualms.

•Anyone can view and comment on the entries posted at this community as well as post. We all have our pet peeves, and we all want to hear them. You need to be mature, have a good grasp of the English language. No net speak, it makes me vomit and, basically follow all the rules above. That is all.

• If you need to contact me, you can do so by clicking here

Thanks to faceon for the overrides <3