I feel really old moaning about this, but my eyes are not what they were. It is physically painful for me to look at an advert with teeny weeny itsy bitsy font and try to read it. Which is why I'm a firm believer in not screwing with a board's default font sizes/colours/faces. I say this because when I cracked open my game last week for sign ups, I had the expected influx of adverts appear. There was one that was completely unreadable because red font on a purple background doesn't go well. Another had font so small that it was literally a series of dots on the screen. Yes. DOTS!

Others were badly coded, one wasn't even linked.

What is up with people? When I ask people in a small set of advertising rules not to go screwing with the default font, they go ahead and do it anyway. On top of that, when I Ask them to hit the preview button before posting, they can't seem to do that either. So, a matter of days since I opened up the game for business, I am already altering the rules because I'm sick of fixing other people's cock-ups. I will no longer fix adverts. If they don't check, I will not fix it for them. If that advert contains a working link, however messed up it is, and they decide to post another one, I will delete the new one and leave the screwed up one. Why? Because they should have checked.

It takes ten seconds, if that, to check an advert and correct obvious mistakes.

Furthermore, what is up with the new rules cropping up all over invisionfree boards lately? 'No proboards', 'proboard advertisers have to advertise for us!'

Why? because they can't be bothered to copy/paste their advert and change two pieces of code so that it will work on proboards. Since when was changing [align=center] to [center] suddenly so time consuming? Since when did people not have time to do this? I mean Jesus wept, I did it. I have, and have always had three versions of my advert. Invision friendly, proboard/phpbb friendly and HTML friendly. It took me one minute. If you keep a copy, it is not a bother.

Furthermore, yes it is a little irritating to have to fill in a security code when we post as guests on proboards, but it hasn't always been there, and frankly, most people do not want to move to another board because it is inconvenient to post as a guest. You can still do it, you don't have to register.

Fill. In. The. Code. Suck it up, get over it. You only have to post once.
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"...They are a dark, velvety green, so soft that you could look at them and fall forever into their sleepy depths...."

Fuck I hate that "fall into mine eeeyes" bullshit.
rub me on your butt

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1. I don't like it when people become posessive of their "titles". You know what, I don't care if you were the Graphic Goddess or Slytherin Queen or whatever because your attitude sucks, and so do your graphics. I'm so thankful you "let" me make my own. </sarc> What I don't get is why I need your permission to do anything. Go read icon_tutorial and learn something about jpg distortion and colour.

2. I don't like cliques. I understand that some rpers will be closer to some others, but that dosn't mean that when a new player comes along you leap down their throat in defence of you 'sister" or whatever the fuck you are IC. It's an effing game. And for fucks sake don't write a long sentence of bitch crap then say your being sarcastic. If you want to show your sarcastic fucking write it down. Because other people then get shitty. Get over yourselves and go back to the chatrooms from whence you came.

3. Don't confuse IC and OOC. Christ. Just because a person is mean to your CHARACTER does not mean they are being mean to YOU. What the hell? Ther eis a reason why it is called a roleplay game. It's because your are roleplaying something. You are pretending to be someone you are not. If you WANT to e personally insulted go to a rating community but stay the hell away from any RPG I'm on.


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Pet Peeves...

Ok... this is probably somewhat unreasonable... but I have a little pet peeve that is really getting to me in the case of a player... whom I will call "Bob." "Bob" has several charactors... and he's a fairly decent player all things considered... but all of that aside "Bob" has a VERY ANNOYING HABIT.

He posts with the wrong accounts, on a fairly regular basis mind you, and does NOTHING to fix it. I've got 8 charactors, and sometimes, I screw it up and post with the wrong account... now granted I have mod powers so I can delete my own mistakes... but there are people on all the freaking time. If someone screws up and posts with the wrong account... they should REPOST with the correct account and change the contents of the post in error to "Please Delete." I'll gladly delete the "Please Delete," posts. It's diss-freaking orrienting to read a post that is entierly about one charactor posted from another charactors account! It's one thing to control multiple charactors out of one account... but Meh.

It just frys me... especialy when he puts in notes to the effect of: "Whoops... wrong account. Oh well I'll leave it." At the END of the post even, not the begining so that people can realize at the start of reading that the post is not from the charactor the account is. I mean there's a REASON that people have different accounts for different charactors. If you start mixing it up and don't care... it defeats the whole fricking purpose.

*Sigh.* Ok... *Breaths.* Now I'll shaddup.

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It's in the rules. Always in the rules. You acknowledge that it's part of the rules, you do so to a mod, several times over in a very non-figurative way. You actually use the words "I know it's against the rules..." always with the nasty little conjunction "but..." BUT. BUT BUT BUT. I'm taking far too much pleasure in typing 'but', I know, but come on. It's not even once. It's severely frowned upon to pester mods and admins to critique bios, you mention this yourself and then....but. but but but.


Firstly, if you'd care to notice, applications have been closed. This hasn't really been upheld, but it was posted publicly that applications were closed until further notice to protect the play of a plot line in place but fine, you took a gamble and posted it up. A few people have indeed had their bios critiqued after this but they waited patiently, they didn't pester me weighing up the pros and cons of posting with a 50/50 chance of it even beeing critiqued. And then go on to say how fun it is talking to me. You see, this person also didn't know my name. So after an hour of talking and hinting how much I actually need to bathe before my dogs drop dead I finally escape...and come back to more messages. So she decides to post it and woot, there's a lovely app sitting there to be looked at.

I open it. Read three lines. Choke on some chocolate and reach for a bucket because I suddenly feel violently ill. A few hours later come the three big questions - why has no one critiqued it, it has 72 views? do you wanna cyber? will you critique it for me? Well ok, she only asked me two of those three. I explained that other members read new applications out of interest, mods will have scanned over and that other potential players are scoping out the opposition. She accepts this. Or she seems to.

"Why has no one critiqued it yet?"

Four hours have passed. I just enjoyed a nice hour longer shower, then another two hours for lunch just to try and avoid you. I can't bloke you or swear or try and force a fork through my screen to stab you, so I sit there and answer your questions and endure your humour. She not only hints that she would like me to review it - she instructs me to. She adds a hopeful "please" about three minutes later. During those three minutes I've dropped the fork and gone for the spork - you're going to get stabbed good 'n' proper, BITCH. But wait. No.

I tell her that since we've spoken about her bio in such depth that I can't critique it without breaking the rules. "So?" "SO FUCK OFF."
"So when will anyone else be able to review?"

"The Admin has just started college and is rushed off her feet, co-webby Marisa is a co-webby and does far more on the site and doesn't deserve to plod through your crappy bio, Geordie and Matt are also in college drinking and thrusting a lot, Lydia is in Maine on holiday and everyone else just feels that YOU DESERVE TO DIE."

"Sooooo.........will you review my app for me? Now? I know it's against the rules BUT -"


"My dying wish is that you critique my app."

"...............I'm flying to Bermudia for the rest of the holidays, k?"

"Will you have computer access? critique my app."



So, my problems are:

1) blatantly breaking the rules without any regard. Usually I'm happy to bend them but your entire attitude was "yeah but i'm sooo above them all. just do it. for me."
2) i think she was trying to flirt to make me do it faster. Eruth. I do not fall for flattery, srsly. No, rly.
3) the site itself declares it might take a few days for apps to be critiqued. Wait. I know you're on holiday and looking at your toes has suddenly become waaaay more interesting than Jerry Springer and that suicide looks like fun, but waaait.
4) same time. every day. for three days. EXACT same time. it's like you had a time set aside in your schedule to haunt me.
5) you're older than me and acting like a child. a YOUNG child.
6) deviantArt. MY GOD. this deserves a seperate smaller rant.

Writers are artistic. Writers may even draw or paint or do computer graphics. If you do, I don't really care. Not one tiny little bit. I'm interested in your writing, especially if it's good, to some small extent. But when you send me link after link after link of pictures you've slaved over for ten whole minutes and want me to comment on - every single effing one - not only does it kill my browser but it kills my soul. Just a tiny little bit. One picture after another, you're destroying my spirit. My essence. Just stop it.

I wish this had been more structured. I've had about two or three of these people over the past two weeks and more than that in the past two months. Why add me? Plz, why me? There's Geordie and Matt and Lydz and eeeeeeveryone else but you don't add them. I know even if you did they'd be too busy, but still you just seem drawn to me, like I'd appease your needy attitude and impatience and childish turns of phrase. I won't. At least not beneath the surface. ARG.

Glad to bring life back here.


Read the fucking rules. For Merlin's bushy, flobberworm infested beard, read the fucking rules. You're driving me batty, each one of you that's cropped up over the last three months or so. There is a lot of shit on the lore site, yes, but that's because everything is fucking spelt out for you, daft git! When your application is being reviewed, it gets moved to pending apps. If we have not replied to you yet, don't fucking double post - we'll just ignore you instead of feeling shitty for not having the time to get to your shitty assed character bio.

Speaking of which, do not repost your application in the application forum when you are too stupid to realise it has been moved to pending applications for further critique. Its in the damn rules, you fucking infidel. Spelt out, literally, in black and white.

When did people get so stupid? Look at this. They're making me abuse sentence fragments.


And why does every character these days have hazel eyes? What happened to blue and brown? Hell, even green! I haven't seen a green eyed character (save for my own) in months! What's with hazel? Beautiful yes, but c'mon people they are rare - rare, rare, rare. The only hazel eyed person I know is my husband. In my whole 23 years of living, he's the only one I know.

Stoppit. Stoppit, stoppit.

Look! More sentence fragments!

You're making me cry.


Completely off topic, I made things pweety. *snuggles faceon*


Did I miss it somewhere along the way? Was I blinded by my own naivety? Or perhaps, in true Eireann fashion, I simply ignored the signs of a new fad and kept along my merry little path. Or maybe, the perception I had that quality might actually be improving in the HPRPG realm was all just a nasty little trick my mind played on me, you know, to make me gain faith in the community once more.

But what on earth happened to character flaws?

I swore they were common at one point, in fact I'm quite certain of it. Now I've been guilty, just like everyone else has at one point, of power gaming, and sue-ing, and general character perfection. But I found out fast (apparently, faster than most) that the characters without flaws are simply no fun to play.

So you know what I did? I made flaws! And it worked! They were like humans, it added dimension, it brought a whole cartload of fun into the game. It's stressful being perfect all the time. It's boring doing the right thing. It's stale to not have emotions and pride and make the wrong decisions. Hindsight is 20/20... and it takes the adventure out of things.

I think it became a trend at one point to have flawed characters. I seem to remember awhile ago (Maybe a year or two? Sound about right?) when all you could find were abused, druggie, depressed and masochistic HP chars running around, and I'm not saying that was better than the perfect ones, but at least it was a change, and well... getting all those depressed monkeys together made for some angsty posting, which was a wonderful change from all the hero mongers fighting each other for the top prize.

But when did perfection become popular again? Have you other admins noticed this? How odd is it that we felt it was actually necessary to put a flaws/fears/dislikes category into our application? It's not that the writers aren't quality, they're awesome, I love them. It's almost like they just forgot about that part of the character... It honestly boggles my mind. You'd think that they weren't human, and didn't know what it was like to be one.
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Irritating little things

Most annoying character representations. What are yours?

- Lindsay Lohan for Ginny. In fact, Lindsay Lohan for any HP character.

- That emaciated model that's popular for Draco right now. In all honesty, I couldn't suggest a replacement Draco purely because I can't visualise him, but I do know that I don't want to see poor Draco looking like a B-movie porn star.

- DiCaprio for Draco. It has been done, it worries me, because let's face it, DiCaprio looks far too harmless.

- Seth Green for Ron. Is he the only red-headed male on the planet?

- Olsen twins for anything. ANYTHING. Same goes for Paris or Nicky Hilton.

- Johnny Depp for young Sirius. Depp is over forty. He cannot play teenagers any more.

- Anyone thin for Neville. I know, I know, Neville won't necessarily always be rotund, but he has a round face, and the PB should be round-faced, too.

- Pink, as Tonks, makes Nic cry. let us please pay attention to the term, 'heart shaped face' which means a broad forehead ans a face that tapers toward the chin.

- Latin women for Padma or Parvati. Do. Your. Research. Bollywood has absolutely no shortage of gorgeous women; they're all stunners.

(How sad--you know you've been posting too much when you start using unicode instead of html >_< -fixes-)
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