britta_lev (britta_lev) wrote in _myusedromance,

Club Leviathon. Join the thriving nightlife in the heart of underground Salem.

I found him wandering my caverns and claimed him as mine. Founded on the sublime and immoral I stand, miles beyond the realm of human affairs. My deepest heart beneath the earth, far from the caverns he’s plundered. He brought the other, the one of his dreams, his heart and soul, deep incestuous, and then another still - a third. Following him, hundreds. Flesh upon flesh, the pulse of hearts thudding my empty halls.

(Male bandslash RP)

Looking for members from (but not limited to): Dope Stars Inc. (minus Victor Love, Darin Yevonde, and Grace Khold), AFI (minus Davey Havok and Jade Puget), Bright Eyes (minus Conor Oberst), The Used (minus Bert McCracken), My Chemical Romance (minus Mikey Way)- especially looking for a Gerard Way, and Kill Hannah (minus Mat Devine and Jonathan Radtke).

Adobtable characters include: Peter Wentz (FOB), Zachary Baker, Johnny Seward, & Brian Haner (A7X), Travis Richter & Sonny Moore (FFTL), and Bela B Felsenheimer (Die Aerzte).
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