I only want someone to listen...

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This community is about self multilation and self injury. You can post about anything. Vent. Or, if you had a good day, talk about it. It doesn't matter. Update whenever you want, whatever you want. But, please always be positive when talking to others... We are a supporting community, helping people through their problems. Not making them worse.

1: all pictures behind an LJ cut PLEASE. Pictures can be triggering, and take up alot of space so please put them behind lj cuts.
2: although posting advertisements for other communities is allowed, do not overdo it and DO NOT ONLY POST ADVERTISEMENTS.
3: Do not give advice unless it is asked for.
4: When you first enter, put a little bit about yourself please. Its nice. = )

Any questions, please contact me:
aol sn: misusedreaiity
yahoo sn: burnmywings@yahoo.com
AIM name: xsilenteloquence

thank you. = )